Please call for item availability before reserving. 718-277-0233 - 718-285-1715 Thank You.


There are absolutely NO REFUNDS ON rental, custom or event services.

All payments are final and non refundable.  If you must postpone a rental or event, please speak with a representative to make new arrangements.  If seating or services are not available for new date, you must choose another date or another seating.  If you have to change the date for full or partial decor services, you must check with us first before reserving another date.  You will not be refunded and still will be charged a date cancellation fee.  *All rental contract must accompany a deposit.  Contracts without deposits or vise versa will not be scheduled.  *Bklynfavors does not deliver large seating to basements, high rise apartment complexes, through private home entrances or deliver through courtyards more than 30ft from curb.  Stairs are additional and you must inform representative if there are stairs.  If we arrive and we have to climb stair without prior knowledge, your refund will be forfeited.  All rentals must fit directly through doors.  We do not force furniture, turn upside down or drag through openings.  If your rental does not fit, you will be charged an additional delivery and pick up fee to replace the rentals.  *Bklynfavors does not pull tables and chairs at venue/event locations.  If your venue of choice provides tables and chairs, they must be set up and ready for decor.  Your decoration time is for decorating.  If our staff must open up tables and chairs, this takes away from your allotted decor time and you will be charged $50.00 for this service.. * All balances must be paid a week before your event.  No rentals will be scheduled without full payment and signed contract.  If your balance is not paid in full the week before your event by Thursday, you will not be put on a schedule for delivery.  Late payments delays delivery.  *All furniture and other item rented are the sole responsibility of the renter listed on this contract.  There should be no food or drinks allowed on seating.  No children sleeping on furniture.  No one is allowed to sit on arms of seating.  $50.00 will be deducted from your refundable deposit if misuse is observed during pick up.  Furniture that is soiled, stained and damage will forfeit your deposit and must be replaced at seating original price deducted from credit card on file between $1500.00 to $1800.00.  Missing items will also forfeit your refundable deposit such as part or whole centerpieces, pillows, treat stands & plating or other rented items.  *Please clean acrylic table with water and paper towel only.  No Chemicals or wax candles allowed on acrylic table tops.  *All linen are washed, dried and folded.  We do not rent dirty linen.  Some stains cannot be removed and are usually very small.  Please be mindful that you are renting something used.  They are not brand new.  *We do not clean up, WE PICK UP.  Chair covers, ties and table linen should be removed before we arrive for pick up.  Linen should not have food and eating utensils wrapped in them. If we have to remove these items, you will loose your refund deposit.  We will grant a 15 minute grace period after time of arrival for you and your guest to remove the items.  After the 15 minutes you will forfeit your deposit.  Refundable deposits are not returned until linen is washed, dried and examined.  Linen stained we can no longer rent will also be deducted from your refund at regular price.  *Step N' Repeats that are ordered and cancelled after artwork has been submitted will incur a $30.00 cancellation fee and your balance will be a store credit.  No Exceptions.  *Bklynfavors will arrive at time of delivery stated on your reservation.  We may at time arrive 15 - 20 minutes after due to traffic, weather or street blockage but not considered late unless we arrive after your event was due to start.  If we arrive after your event has started, you will be refunded the delivery fee only.  *Event decor customer pick an choose their event elements, however Bklynfavors has the right to substitute certain items shall customer's choice become unavailable without compromising theme, color or service.  *If the seating you rented has been damaged by another customer prior, you must choose another seating.  We have no control over how some clients may treat our rental items and seating.  You will not be refunded.


RENTAL CONTRACT (All contracts and deposits received via this website means you have read and fully understand the above contract and all of its contents.) NO PAYPAL E-CHECKS ACCEPTED.

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Furniture Rentals Only

Single Chairs, 2 Single Chairs or Love Seat


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

There is a delivery and pick up fee for all rentals.  There is also a refundable security deposit of $100.00.  Your representative will provide you this information upon telephone confirmation and provide an electronic invoice for any balances.  


Multiple Rental Items (4 items or less)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

There is a delivery and pick up fee for all rentals.  There is also a refundable security deposit of $100.00.  Your representative will provide you this information upon telephone confirmation and provide an electronic invoice for any balances. 


Event Services

Event Rentals - Area & Full Decor.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Full service decor including delivery, set up and pick up within 20 miles.  Consultation is recommended for this service.  There is a refundable security deposit of $200.00